Small Spaces…

Small Spaces Making Life Difficult? Small spaces don’t have to be a big problem!

Small spaces don’t have to be a big problem!  Right?  I promise, you can have the space of your dreams, albeit on a smaller scale if you do it the right way. 

Too often people fall in love with furniture pieces in a retail setting, order them and then cringe when they are delivered – they are too big for the space they have.  Ever happen to you?  It has to me – in fact it lead to a “room switch” but that’s a story for a different day!  Alas, I digress. 

So, you have your first apartment or house and it’s not the size you want, but it’s in a neighborhood you love and it’s a space that isn’t going to break the bank.  So far, so good.  Now to make it your own.  The biggest thing to consider before you make your first purchase of anything – is to create a plan!  Yes, a plan – I know, you can just wing it, you’re that good…. But hear me out.  You may need a living / entertaining space, dining space, reading / work space and a space to sleep – all that and it has to fit inside less than 1,000 sq feet.  If you hit the furniture stores, home accessories stores and other big box stores before you have a plan, you will likely 1. Over purchase and or 2. Over size your purchases.


Here’s a quick checklist and tips for planning YOUR best small space! 

  1. Sit down, grab a notebook and tape measure
  2. Measure each room – corner to corner
  3. Determine what activities will occur in each space (for example in the living space do you also need a work space or does the work space need quiet / what about privacy?)
  4. Now do a quick sketch (you don’t have to be an artist – I’m certainly not!) of the rooms and make note of the measurements including door openings, window openings, any heating elements (radiators / base board heat / fireplace/woodstove etc) – and subtract from your overall rooms size. 
  5. Talk to your roommate / spouse / significant other and determine your style.  I’d hate for you to find that out on the shopping trip.
  6. And… While you’re talking – discuss what your budget it (total or by room).  Make a plan to stick to the range you decide on.
  7. Make a list of items you “must have” and those you “wish to have.”  For example – you must have a sofa, but you’d like to have a coffee table as well.
  8. Note what kind of storage you need (books / games / magazines / work supplies / seasonal decorations / linens etc), try to find pieces that can do “double duty”
  9. Now, plot your course – where are you going to go shopping?  Are there any sales, coupons, discount sites you can use?
  10. Remember your budget range!   Some things may have to be done in phases, and that’s okay – we’d rather see you select quality items, and get the most important items up front than to buy things you’ll have to likely replace in a few months.

 If you’ve done all that, and you and your counter-part are ready to furnish your new place, you can head out to the stores and search for the perfect pieces to turn your house into your home!

 Last tip – still think it’s too hard to decorate and furnish your smaller space, the way you want?  Let us help you!  We won’t add to your budget range; our initial consultation is free!  The best part is you get expert advice, the ability to shop in the comfort of your home and we’ll make sure everything is delivered and installed properly!

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