New Year, New Home?

New Year, New Home?

Every year hundreds of thousands of people make resolutions, for some it’s to lose weight and others its to do something they’ve never done before while still others resolve to take a class or get a new job.  What is your New Year’s resolution? 

When you think about your home, do you continue to put off updating your space… there are a hundred excuses, like “I’ll update the family room when the kids go off to college” or “I’ll update the dining room when we cook more at home” or my favorite “I’ll update our bedroom when I have time.”  Let’s face it, there is never a great time to create upheaval in your home. 

Do you have that one room in your house that could be a great office or craft/work space?  Resolve in 2019 to do something about it.  Think about how you can declutter the space, and what purpose it could serve you and your family.  Then, map out a plan – if you’re going to set it up as a home office list out the furnishing’s you’ll need to make it a welcoming and comfortable workspace.  Keep in mind, no two people are alike so your perfect workspace may be very different than someone else’s. 

When you do begin to build it out, spend some time specifically thinking about how you’ll actually use it.  Is it an office where you’ll receive visitors / clients or is it your private / remote workspace? 

Cornerstone Design Partners can help you make whatever space in your home fresh and functional!  Our Livv Home collection gallery showcases some of our best!

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