Interior Designers in Carroll County, Maryland

Interior Designers in Carroll County MarylandWe are Interior Designers in Carroll County, Maryland who understand the charm and history of Carroll County, Maryland. Thirty years ago, when our co-founder Laura Meck moved here, Carroll County, Maryland was a sleepy, farming, rural area. Carroll County is often referred to as a bedroom community – meaning people lived here but commute to work in different areas. Usually the commute is to Washington, D.C. or Baltimore. Since then it’s grown exponentially, with the sale of farms to housing developers.

The housing options here in Carroll County span everything from a simple log home, to celebrity estates, yet, somehow, it still all seems to work together.

Let’s go back in time, way back actually to 1760. It was William Winchester who built one of the very first homes on what is now Stoner Avenue. Winchester formed Westminster for one day’s travel – 10 miles – between Reisterstown and Taneytown. This led to Westminster quickly establishing hotels, eating establishments, and provisioning stores (source Historical Society).

Housing styles have varied over the years. From William Winchester’s historic traditional home on Stoner Ave (now Gypsy’s Tea Room) to the most modern of luxury homes on Halter Road (over 8300 sq ft. valued at $2m) and to more commonly seen homes like two story colonials, ranchers and split foyer / floor homes can be found throughout the county.

Interior Designers in Carroll County MarylandInterior design is as widely different as the style of home in Carroll. Many older homes in Carroll have honored the tradition and preserved (but updated) the décor with restored or replicated period pieces. We’ve had the pleasure using our current manufacturers and suppliers to work with some of the beautiful period homes. The newer homes in the county are as different as the people that occupy them. You’ll find every style of interior here locally, but the most popular today seems to be what’s referred to as Transitional. Transitional seems to be a catch-all phrase. Transitional can include home furnishings that range from antiques mixed with rustic to country and colonial design styles. It’s a mix of color, pattern and texture and when done right is stunning.

Cornerstone Design Partners can help you find the right style to meet you and your family’s needs. Whether you’re updating a home built in 1970 or you’re designing your newly built dream home. Our interior designers in Carroll County, Maryland can help you each step of the way. What are you waiting for? Your newly decorated home is just a call or click away.