Interior Designers- the Eastern Shore MD

What could be more fun than designing at the beach?  I have no idea!  Since we were young some of the best memories revolve around trips down to the eastern shore.  From St. Michael’s and Cambridge to Salisbury and Ocean City Cornerstone Design Partners has you covered for Interior Designers in the Eastern Shore Maryland.

interior designer in maryland eastern shore

Whether you love modern, coastal designs or you want something more reminiscent and traditional Cornerstone Design Partners suppliers have you covered.

There’s nothing that says you have to have sparse furnishings at your beach get-a-way, or you have to retain the hand-me-downs that came with the place.

Cornerstone Design Partners manufacturers have great fabrics that take even the wear and tear that renters can introduce to your home away from home.  Remember when performance fabrics first came out, they were stiff and only available in a few patterns and styles?  Not any more.  Today’s performance fabrics are hard to recognize; they are in all of the solid colors and patterns you love, but with the wear-ability and durability you need.


Gone are the days of oversized yellow flowers as your only option!

interior designer in maryland eastern shoreWant your place at the beach to feel more permanent?  Retiring to the shore?  Check out what Craftmaster brings to today’s market.  They have products from Rachel Ray and Paula Deen as well as other great names!