Fall In LOVE with your HOME all over again…

Fall In LOVE with your HOME all over again…

                                 … Fall Inspiration and Ideas for your home!

As each season approaches have you told yourself that you’d do something different to bring the colors and feel of the season to the inside of your home? 

Many of us say we will “next season” but very few of us even attempt it.  Let’s face it we don’t do it because it can be daunting to think about changing up your décor 4 – 6 times a year!  The holidays are difficult enough. 

We’re here to help you with a few simple things you can do this fall to really bring the season inside.  Above all we will work with you and your home’s design style and budget! 

First, there are some really basic things for fall – every grocery store carry’s fall corn, gourds and pumpkins – word of caution, do not cut them open, they will rot quickly.  If you do want to cut into them to display candles, flowers or other greenery, be sure to scrape all of the insides out, rinse with bleach and air dry completely.  While doing this won’t completely prevent rot, it will delay it.  Now, you can place your gourds / pumpkins in a family room / kitchen or dining room table – easy huh?  Guess what, you’ve just brought the fall into your home!  For those of you with allergies, don’t worry, they make pumpkins / gourds, and even corn out of pottery / ceramic / metal and other materials!  No excuses! 

As well, fall is a time to reflect and get rid of things you no longer want / need.  Pick a space – a closet, drawer or if you’re really brave a room!  Go through the space, and if you haven’t noticed it, touched it or used it in a year – toss it or donate it!  Just as the leaves fall from the trees outside, it’s both therapeutic and makes room for a few new pieces!  We have a rule in my house, for every 10 things you get rid of, you can replace it with one new thing.  As a result, you’ll be amazed how happy you feel when you get rid of things. 

Moving on, let’s talk about a bigger fall project – are you ready to update the paint or furniture in your home?  If you love to entertain, but hate your kitchen (fill in the room name) try painting your cabinets a new color or update the back splash – most stores now offer “DIY” classes on how to …..  Most importantly, have fun bringing in the season!

Still not enough?  Ok, let’s go room by room, what is the one project you want to get done this fall, so you’re ready for the upcoming holiday season?  Big projects take much more time, especially if you’re looking to replace furniture, paint, carpeting etc.  Do not be caught off guard by finding out the project you want to do will take 8 – 10 weeks (or more depending on the project) and it’s too close to the holiday to do what you really want! 

Finally, our last tip – hate to decorate for the seasons / holidays, but love how easy all of your friends make it look?  Give us a call, we’ll handle your holiday / seasonal decorating – and keep it “our little secret!” 

We’d love to hear about your fall project – shoot us a note on Facebook or you can email us for tips to make your project go more smoothly! Need some inspiration, check out our LIVV Home Collection or our portfolio.

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