Is Your Hotel up to date in its Design and Style?


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Is Your Hotel up to date in its Design and Style?
… too often we overlook the atmosphere we’re providing our guests, and risk ADR/OCC.

by: Laura A. Meck
Interior Designer
Cornerstone Design Partners


Let’s start off by saying that Commercial Interior Design projects are dramatically different than residential projects.  First, with most commercial projects you’re working with a committee and not a homeowner (or two) and likely the hotel’s brand and / or  ownership.  Second, you have rules and regulations that far exceed any HOA we’ve ever seen – then you must navigate the world of procurement, budget planning and management, as well as receiving, installation and final sign off.  Not for the faint of heart.

Designing for hospitality, hotels specifically, brings its own unique challenges and opportunities.  An average 150 room hotel, running a 60% occupancy rate for an average of 30 days (a month) Hotel Interior designcan see about 3,000 people traversing their lobby and other public spaces.  This takes a toll on furnishings and flooring.  Hotels typically look to budget CapEx spending for public and private spaces every 5 – 7 years, some extend to 10 years, on a rotating schedule.   If you’re hotel / restaurant hasn’t been updated in the last 10 years you may be missing out on increased revenues and guest sat scores.

In the 80’s hotels started adding hair dryers and ironing boards/irons to each room, and then remember in the 90’s when hotels were rushing to remove boxy television sets and replacing them with flat screens?  Or, when the “Heavenly beds / showers” were introduced?  In the 2000’s we saw the advent of coffee makers and Keurig’s in each room.  Today, guests are looking for their rooms to have all this, and more.  They want easy access to charging for their devices, and WiFi is a must have standard.

Public space needs have evolved as well.  It’s not enough to have a sofa and couple comfy chairs for your guests to use while they wait for someone.  Access to outlets, and just two items that everyone now expects (and they expect the WiFi to be free) in every hotel lobby, regardless the size, brand or independent.

Today’s traveler is smart, and they want to be treated that way.  They have many choices [in hotels/places to stay] to select from, and easy ways to compare those choices from pricing and amenities to location.  So, what can you do to make your property stand out from the rest?

First, make sure you’ve updated furnishings, flooring, front desk area, at a minimum.  Next, make sure your rooms are spotlessly clean.  Even if the furnishings are a little dated (not way out of date), people will overlook it a bit, if the space is clean.

Finally, if you have not done a refresh of your guest rooms, public areas (including lobby / food service / business centers) get it scheduled.  Don’t let the reason your ADR slips be due to the fact you have a dated property. Hotel Interior Design

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