Historic Ellicott City – Designer Showcase/ Show House

Every wonder what it takes to do a design project?  There is quite a bit that goes in to getting it right.  Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, it all starts with being on the same page – designer and client.

First, we start with visiting the space, this step can take 1 – 2 hours… we tour the entire property – giving us the feel for the owners style.  Knowing what is loved and not so loved is equally important. 

Next we sit down and talk through the desired outputs, are we doing simply a paint / color consultation, a full room or complete home refresh?

When we leave, depending on the client’s needs, we provide a project overview – this is the design concept phase and may not reflect the exact and final project components.  It simply allows the client to get a high level vision of what’s being proposed.

If the client moves forward, we work collaboratively to pull the right pieces (scale / color / fit) to complete the job.

When we were contacted to design this years Historic Ellicott City Designer Show House we initially declined.  With the supply chain being what it is we realized our suppliers wouldn’t be able to get the proper furnishings to us in time to create something beautiful.

We worked with the folks at HEC and received an introduction to Jan Lynch, owner of Victorian Visions at Savage Mill Antique Mall.  Jan saved the day by allowing us to borrow beautiful pieces that perfectly fit the style of the home.

If you get time, stop by Former Maryland Governor Warfield’s magnificent home and check out the master bedroom we designed!  The Show House is open from May 11th – June 5th.

HEC Show House From conception to delivery






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