Have Fun With Color: It’s okay to have a favorite

Have Some Fun with Color!  It’s okay to have a favorite!

                               … and get ready to redesign your space!

Every year new colors come out with amazing names like Calente, Dream Cloud, Incense Stick, Coastal Path and Moonshine.  What appears as a new name, often reflects some of the base colors we all know.  Companies like Benjamin Moore and others strive to gain our attention with updating the palette for the year and giving it a new catchy name. 

This years Benjamin Moore colors are pretty cool.  Take Calente for example- this vibrant red can be used to create a feeling of defiance.  Think about the room in your house, where you might update with a color like this – maybe take your kitchen retro and use Calente as an accent color in your accessories? 

Today’s paint colors, home furnishings, accessories and fabrics all build on one another to create great design.   

Not everyone is visual. The last update I did on our home, my husband thought I’d completely lost my mind.  I changed out our “wine country – think deep red wine color) in our dining room and golden rod sesame in our kitchen to a creamy sea glass blue.  Quite a bold change – I have the benefit of being able to visualize how something will look, before it hits the wall – where it took a little convincing for my husband to embrace it. 

The beauty of working with an interior designer is not unlike working with a professional contractor for other projects.  Both bring unique vision helping you take the guesswork out of your next project.   

Whether you’re looking to update fabrics, wall coverings, area rugs, bed linens, accessories, furniture and yes, even paint – using a professional will ensure it is all designed to work in harmony, as you work to create your room’s new “look”. 

Are you ready to begin your next project?   

Why not start by playing favorites – and think about rooms you use now differently than you did a few years ago.  Then select a few colors that you’re comfortable with.  Even if your favorite colors might not work as a major player in your new room, you could possibly consider using that favorite color as an important accent in accessories or artwork. 

Here are some tips to help you “hone in” on your perfect color selection: 

1.  Take a look in your closet!  What colors do you see in your wardrobe that you particularly enjoy?  Pastels?  Dark jewel tones?  Neutrals?  Bright, lively shades?

Doesn’t it stand to reason that the very colors you’re attracted to in your wardrobe, might just be the perfect shades to consider in re-coloring a room? 

2.  Take a look around your room.  Is there an accessory, piece of art, even an area rug that “speaks” to you?  Entire room designs have been beautifully accomplished by focusing on one simple multi-colored vase. 

3.  What’s your personal style?  Do you enjoy a more casual lifestyle?  Perhaps the contemporary style is more “you”.  Knowing your style will give you an important clue as to the color options you might want to consider! 

Still not sure – go online, Pinterest is your friend, create a room dream board, or gather those old magazines you have lying around and flip through to see what jumps out at you.  The goal is not to have you completely map out your re-designed space, but rather to find elements and styles that you’re drawn to for inspiration. 

Once you’ve done your homework and decided on your project, give us a call – we can help you get started and truly live your re-imagined design! 

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