We’re often asked how we create a design from scratch, what tools we use – etc. How do we go about helping you achieve your “look,” for your home.  Many of our clients are not “visual” which is exactly what brings them to us in the first place.

We meet with you… we get a feel for your personal sense of style, the things you love, the things you hate and the things that you’re willing to “compromise” on. We ask that during this initial phase of consultation that you DO NOT just go out and purchase things, I can’t stress this enough. Once you’ve committed to working with a designer, follow the process.  Stop Shopping 😊it’s a real struggle.

These are the a few of the steps we take when designing your room- or your entire home!  We LOVE our Benjamin Moore partner, Westminster Paint!

#1- Must Have.  List everything that is a must for the room, either a must-stay or must-have or must-go.  Knowing which items you value and treasure is important.  We’d had to recommend replacing grandma’s vintage cabinet when you’re in love with its history and sentimental value.  Our job as designers is not to throw out everything, it’s to pull everything together.

#2- Visualization.  Make a simple floor plan of the space. We start with very rough (we’re designers, not artists) sketches that each square is one foot, to give you an idea of where things will go and how the space will take shape. For those that hire us, either for consulting or full design/purchasing, we try to incorporate 3D electronic design boards to really give you a feel for your space.

#3- Inspiration.  Pick one inspiration piece or color BEFORE you look for an inspiration photo that represents your dreams. We typically like to look for paint or an area rug as the starting off point. A pillow or piece of art could also be an inspiration piece (color / texture / style).

#4- Style.  In the beginning it’s okay to set up a sharable Pinterest board, but once we get moving, stop shopping 😊 yes, I said it again, and I’ll keep saying it.  If we get stuck, then we may head back over to Pinterest, together! We have been working on a client’s master suite for some time and they were having a hard time deciding on whether to do an accent wall (shiplap / paint/ other) for a rustic feel. So, we sat together and looked at photos of those options on Pinterest, looking at the images helped our client to visualize and subsequently confirm their choices (PS it was painted shiplap).

#5- Budget.  Yes, I know people are very uncomfortable talking about money – but knowing whether you have $1,000 or $100,000 to spend on the project(s) allows us to show you the right finishes, furnishings, accessories, etc., without showing you things beyond your budget, that you will fall in love with, just to find out it’s out of your reach…. Share your budget with us, it’s critical.  We’re non-“judgey” when it comes to things like budget and style – everyone has a different thought and we honor that.

#6- Timeline.  If you have a definitive date you want the space(s) completed, be up front with that as well.  Just like the budget we can steer the project when we know what we’re working up against. If we had to find a beautiful guest room ensemble for a client, as we presented it to them we found out that they needed it in 4 weeks, but it wouldn’t be delivered for 8 weeks.  Don’t set yourself (or us) up to fail.  Be upfront at all cost with budget and timeline.

#7 – Change.  There often will be change orders.  Be open and committed to seeing the project through. We may begin working together on the family room, but as you see the work progress you may want to incorporate the kitchen or home office – just know that it’s a change order.  It will not be covered by the fees agreed to when we began the family room project.  We will be upfront with you on the fees as we go along – but please don’t expect our team to work for free.  We love all of our clients and want to always do our very best, but change orders and scope creep are a real thing…

#8 – LOVE.  Love the style, design and space.  We want you to absolutely fall in love with your space and choices…  doing so means you’re going to be happy with the environment you’ve created which breeds good feelings for all that come into that space.

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