Before Putting it on The Market

5 Ways to Decorate your House Before Putting it on the Market

Buying a new home can be a very exciting time. If you’re simultaneously trying to sell your current house, however, it can be a bit more stressful. Staging your house or getting it “show-room ready” as Trulia explained, can help potential bidders feel more at home.  Preparing your home will help potential buyers imagine making it their own living space in the near future. If the house looks just as nice, or even better in person, as it does in the pictures you may find more people ready to make an offer.

If you’re interested in putting your house on the market, what are you doing to prepare your home for sale?  Complete the following tasks to make it more appealing to interested buyers:

  1. Eliminate clutter
    Cleaning your house is an important factor in making it attractive, but this goes beyond a general mop, vacuum and dust. Too much clutter can deter buyers away from what’s great about your home, and clutter will often make it more difficult to see how much space it has. Reorganize your belongings, and get rid of knick-knacks that are just taking up space.

“Don’t forget to clean up those closets.” Shoving clutter into your closet might be your first thought, but people are going to check out the closet space during their tour.  Don’t let them see clutter, and have them walk away thinking their things would never fit.

  1. Remove bulky furniture
    Too many large and  oversized sofas, chairs and tables takes away from the depth of the living space. Put bulky pieces in storage and pack them away in the basement to showcase how much square footage potential buyers can take advantage of. Remember, the goal of decluttering is to sell your home faster, and for more!
  1. Emphasize natural lighting
    Many benefits come with natural lighting in a home. Not only does it reduce the need to rely on artificial sources, and it cuts down on energy bills, but it also makes a living area more spacious and inviting. Replace heavy window treatments with lighter, sheer drapery that let the natural light in with ease.
  1. Pay attention to detail
    The foundation of your home is most important to potential buyers and because of that the floor plan, room size and outdoor space play a vital role in making a bid on a house. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make an effort decorating and accentuating the home.  An arrangement of throw pillows and blankets on a sofa, for example, makes the family room cozier and inviting. An entryway with wall decor gives a space that’s often a second thought, more personality. Details are essential in taking a living space to the next level.
  1. Don’t forget about the curb appeal
    Homebuyers have an idea of what to expect when they look at the pictures of your home, but you want to wow them the second they make it to the driveway. Hire a landscaper or plant flowers to add character to the yard. Decorate the front porch, as well; place outdoor furniture and decorations that make potential buyers feel at home with ease.

Selling a house is already a stressful time. Don’t add additional pressure to this stage by trying to fix up your home on your own. Instead, work with a professional who specializes in decorating to prep your living space for sale. A design consultant from Cornerstone Design Partners can give you the helping hand you need. The designer will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your space, discuss your needs and go over your personal ideas for staging your house. From there, you can get an idea of what you need to prioritize before letting prospective buyers come over for a tour.

Even if you’re not exactly ready to put your home on the market today, take a look around – are there things you want to change, to make your home more open?

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